The Key To Our Success

The key to our success is attitude.

We know that the "me-first" mentality causes problems and is severely limiting. Selfishness is the fundamental cause of our environmental crisis. Bolting on a bit of caring for wild animals or adding good intentions to "me, me, me" doesn't actually change much.....because the basic difficulty remains.

Our deeper approach is therefore based on need before want. We recognise that qualities such as self-honesty and integrity are as necessary to project success as biological knowledge and sufficient finance. Indeed, such psychological qualities are probably more important.

And we don't avoid what is obvious. If the "me-first" mentality really is problematic and severely limiting, we look at how this shows up in the performance of individual team members. Defensiveness and psychological baggage have already built up, long before someone comes for an interview. So this needs to be looked at, logically and practically, and unlearnt on a step by step basis. We don't wallpaper over the cracks.

Hiding behind a false face or image may (or may not) work in a town or city where plenty of other people are playing the same game. But in the wilderness such falseness quickly gets exposed. Nature is real, tough, and unforgiving. If you want to help nature, you need a no-nonsense attitude.

We're not interested in the "I can't, because...." excuses.  They're immature and get in the way. Instead, we work on the "Why not?!" principle of service and duty. We make things happen, even if it means sacrifice on our part.

We look for people who want to learn and move forward - individuals who can go beyond their limitations and realise their potential.

Our work is necessary and pioneering.

To fully explain what we know, we've produced a series of 42 films. These are available on our YouTube channel, all within the "Follow the process" playlist.

Avoidance Doesn't Work explains why we have been so unusually successful and provides a detailed overview of our pioneering work. 120 photographs illustrate the thought-provoking text. It is available from all good booksellers, very reasonably priced at £11.99. Alternatively, you can get the book direct from us for £10.00 (free postage).

For more information about our pioneering approach to the psychology of attitude, please visit the website of our 'sister' charity: The Human Potential Trust